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NCAA Bracket: West Region Predictions, Picks, Upsets

Here's who will win the West Regional and other important facts you want to know.

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The West Regional. This year the West is being held in Anaheim, CA at the Honda Center. Who is going to enjoy a trip to sunny LA? Before we get to my predictions and other TAKES, here's a look at this part of the bracket:

#1 Oregon Ducks vs. #16 Holy Cross/Southern

#2 Oklahoma Sooners vs. #15 Cal State Bakersfield

#3 Texas A&M Aggies vs. #14 Green Bay Phoenix

#4 Duke Blue Devils vs. #13 UNC Wilmington Seahawks

#5 Baylor Bears vs. #12 Yale Bulldogs

#6 Texas Longhorns vs. #11 Northern Iowa Panthers

#7 Oregon State Beavers vs. #10 VCU Rams

#8 St. Joseph Hawks vs. #9 Cincinnati Bearcats

Who wins the West Region?

Oklahoma. I think they have the easier path and that Oregon is a weak choice as a #1 seed.

Who got the best draw?

Oklahoma, for all the reasons that made them the likely winner of the West.

Who got screwed?

Cincinnati, who gets to face the #1 seed for the second year running if they get past St. Joes.

Who was the surprise?

Oregon as a 1 seed. WTF?

Who wins the #5 vs. #12 matchup?

I'm going to go YAY SMART KIDS!

Who is the region's Upset Lock Of The Week Of The Century?

UNI over Texas. I'm feeling UNI.

Predictions For The Other Regions:

East Region

Midwest Region

South Region