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NCAA Printable Bracket: 2016 March Madness Bracket For The NCAA Tournament

Time to start picking your winning bracket!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We learned some important lessons this Selection Sunday. First, that it's actually possible for CBS Sports to mess up one of the most enjoyable days of the year by getting greedy and dragging the Selection Show out to two hours. We had to listen to 15 minutes of Doug Gottlieb and Charles Barkley before they even announced a single bracket. I mean, what?

Second, we learned that someone at the NCAA was willing to make CBS pay for it's stupidity, as a complete and accurate bracket leaked before CBS had even gotten around to announcing the East Region. While the person who leaked it is a hero of a sort, it's still a crappy outcome that ruined the suspense for bubble teams.

Third, we learned that Twitter based outrage is short and joyous March Madness is still the appropriate 4 weeks win length! All hail March Madness! We'll have more breakdowns of the brackets as the week progresses. For now, enjoy this printable bracket with our compliments!