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TDG Bracket Challenge Update

TDG hottest bracket is...Kevin?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Sparty No and Bucky Flop, my bracket and the brackets of others are completely ruined. Not that this should be surprising. Everyone's bracket is ruined after the first weekend of the tournament. This is the way of the world, and it is part of why the tournament is glorious.

Your current leader in the clubhouse is Kevin's Bracket with 47 points.

Bracket Points Possible Points
Kevin's Bracket 47 159
GopherNation 46 142
My Unrivaled Bracket 45 109
Remind Me How This Game Works? 44 156
GophNYC 44 164

Unsurprisingly the upsets of the early rounds have greatly affected the future prospects of our leaders as can seen by the leaders by Possible points after two rounds

Bracket Possible Points Champion
Goldy's Guesses 167 North Carolina
GophNYC 164 Virginia
Kevin's Bracket 159 Virginia
Remind Me How This Game Works? 156 Kansas
Monmouth's Revenge 151 Virginia

Special Shoutout to Monmouth's Revenge who is currently sitting in 30th place. Your bracket was bold and still flush with potential.