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TDG Bracket Challenge Final Four Update

GophNYC holds the overall lead.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia's loss in the Elite Eight proves yet again that being related to Wisconsin is not good for deep tournament success. The Cavaliers' collapse was painful for the Hoos and wonderful for everyone that finds Virginia insufferable. Unfortunately their loss to Syracuse means that Jim Boeheim has another Final Four.

Virginia's loss was also devastating for many of our previous leaders. The current leader is GophNYC, who picked Virginia to win. The Top 5 is below.

Bracket Correct Picks Points
GophNYC 43 92
Remind Me How This Game Works? 42 84
Send this Bracket to RAU 38 78
Tate's Nice Bracket 38 78

eric johnson's Grand Bracket/Goldy's Guesses/

This One's for Tubby

40 75

Both GophNYC and Remind Me How This Game Works? can rack up additional points, but both are drawing dead on the national champion. The Possible Points leaderboard has shifted wildly since the 2nd round.

Bracket Possible Points Champion
My Crazy Bracket 139 Villanova
UStreet 123 North Carolina
Goldy's Guesses 123 North Carolina
The Winner 111 Oklahoma
GophNYC 108 Virginia

As you can see, the top 4 possible point brackets have three different national champions. My Crazy Bracket and GophNYC both picked Villanova to advance to the National Championship game, but only My Crazy Bracket has Nova winning. A Nova win would eliminate "The Winner" from contention. If North Carolina wins the championship, then we will have to go to the overall score tiebreaker to determine the winner.