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Minnesota Football: Monday Nugz and a Gopher Sports Roundup

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

So this little basketball tournament has been happening and the revenue generating Gopher programs are all no longer competing on the field/ice/court.  But there are still plenty of thing going on in the world of Gopher sports, I think we should take a stroll down to Dinkeytown.

Gopher Football

Spring practice is happening and there are two opportunities for you to watch practice this week.

  • 3:45 on Thursday - the entire practice is open to the public
  • 11:00 on Saturday - the entire practice is open to the public

Get out and go watch the new offensive line, the slimmer Mitch Leidner (who isn't practicing but whatever) and the possible 3-4 defense!

Gopher Baseball

After taking 2 out of 3 from ranked Missouri State this past weekend the Gophers open up play in the Big Ten hosting Iowa this weekend.

Gopher Women