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Minnesota Basketball: Joey King Likely Out for Remainder of the Season With Broken Foot

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

What the hell did we ever do to the basketball gods?  Joey King, the team's lone senior, is going to miss the final two games of his career with a broken foot.

After landing awkwardly at the end of the Wisconsin game, King appears to have broken his foot.

"Obviously, that is a crushing blow," Pitino said. "It makes a difficult situation much more difficult. But we just have to move on and do the best we can."

Nobody really is concerned about results or the season anymore.  But this is sad news for a good kid who is a proud Gopher.

"We would be in practice, and Joey might score on Murph," Pitino said, "and then he would stop after the play and say, ‘You're not guarding that correctly.' That's pretty amazing. Normally, when you're scoring on someone in practice, you want to keep doing it. Joey cared more about the team and Murph's individual growth than anything else. That has greatly, greatly helped Murph."

This is just one example of what a great teammate King is.  I'm happy to have more kids like this as a part of the program. Best of luck to you in the future.  I've no doubt you'll be successful whatever you do.