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Minnesota Basketball: Rutgers Game Time, TV Schedule, and Futility Bingo

Because we gotta have some fun with this, right?

Tomorrow is a momentous day in Big Ten Basketball history. Minnesota has the chance to help Rutgers become the undisputed Worst Big Ten Team Of All Time. You could even argue that with a loss, Rutgers would be the worst major conference team of all time (their KenPom ranking would certainly agree).

Special Message For Rutgers

Unfortunately, Minnesota limps into the game without 4 key contributors who played the last time the Gophers faced off against the Scarlet Knights two weeks ago. This has the potential to be a very ugly game. So ugly that it could actually be fun!

To help us embrace the joy of terribleness, The Daily Gopher would like to unveil the Minnesota vs. Rutgers Futility Bingo card. Instead of feeling frustration at things going wrong, this is your chance to celebrate everything you would normally lament. We're not talking about mocking our own team. Instead, we at TDG want to offer every Gopher fan a way to acknowledge that things are tough in an enjoyable fashion.

Before we get to the official Futility Bingo™ card, here are the basics about tomorrow's game.

Who are the Gophers playing? Buttgers Rutgers

When is this clash of the titans taking place? Saturday, March 5th at 12 noon CT

Where in the world will they battle? Piscataway, NJ

What channel will broadcast this spectacle? Big Ten Network

All set to watch? Excellent. Then it's time to get ready for...