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NFL Draft 2016: Pick Predictions, What To Watch For, & OPEN THREAD

Some off the cuff observations about what we're going to see tonight and an Open Thread to mock whoever drafts the wrong QB.

Boo this man. BOOOOOOOO!
Boo this man. BOOOOOOOO!
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to some terrible predictions about tonight's 1st Round, here are the key details you need:

Round 1

When: Thursday, April 28th at 7pm CT

TV: ESPN & NFL Network

Streaming: WatchESPN

Satellite Radio: Sirius 88

Rules: Teams have 10 minutes to make their picks

Poorly Thought Out Predictions

1) Carson Wentz isn't going to live up to the hype. I don't know that he'll suck, but there's no way he ends up being worth what either LA or Philly gave up for him.

2) The Browns will actually avoid screwing up this draft. This is less a prediction than a fear. I worry that their new Moneyball GM will combine with Hue Jackson to form a decision making duo that doesn't suck. Since I've adopted the Bengals following my move to Cincy, this would displease me greatly. Prove me wrong Cleveland.

3) Getting back to QB's, I think someone is going to be dumb enough to draft Connor Cook in the first round. Meanwhile, Christian Hackenburg is never going to forgive himself for going to Penn State and ruining his draft stock.

4) We're going to get tired of hearing about (The) Ohio State during the first round.

5) I bet we're all happy with how the Vikings handle their pick. I've been seriously impressed with Minnesota's recent draft strategies and I hope to be happy again.

6) Peter Mortell is going to LA at #1. What, you thought they traded away the farm for a QB?