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2016 NFL Draft: Time, TV Schedule, Streaming for Rounds 2 & 3

There is no way tonight could be as crazy as last night is there?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Hacked social media accounts, NFL teams overthinking the question of weed, Ole Miss possibly being publicly caught violating NCAA rules. And that's just the #13 pick. Without question, there was plenty of drama in Round 1 last night.

The big question for Round 2 is how soon will UCLA linebacker Myles Jack be selected, especially now that his comments about probably needing microfracture surgery in a couple of seasons have been thrown into question. Tonight is also the first chance for New England and Kansas City to make a pick. It's also a good chance for all of the franchises to atone for not selecting Minnesota punter Peter Mortell in the first round.

In addition to Peter, the 3rd round is the very earliest that you might hear the names of Gophers LB De'Vondre Campbell or Eric Murray. Honestly, neither are likely to go off the board until at least the 4th round in my opinion but we've reached the territory where Minnesota fans have a reason to watch for their names.

Here's to the Vikings and Bengals landing only the best players while Green Bay and Pittsburgh pick nothing but busts!

Rounds 2 - 3

When: Friday, April 29th at 6pm CT

TV: ESPN & NFL Network

Streaming: WatchESPN,

Satellite Radio: Sirius 88

Rules: Teams get 7 minutes per pick in the second round, and 5 minutes per pick in the third round. Compensatory picks begin at the end of the third round, and teams get 4 minutes per compensatory pick.