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NFL Draft 2016: Atlanta Falcons Select De'Vondre Campbell & Twitter Reacts

The word of the day is speed. Or possibly athleticism.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

De'Vondre Campbell is an Atlanta Falcon! It's what SBN blog The Falcoholic predicted for their 4th round pick. IowaGopher foresaw the same possible outcome. And if Twitter reactions are any indication, Atlanta observers seem pleased with the pick. People are aware that he has room to grow, but it's also clear that many folks are very excited by his speed and athleticism.

You know who else is excited? De'Vondre. He's coming to camp with some fire:

Pro Football Focus starts us off with this little nugget I wasn't aware of:

And here's the positive reactions from across the Twittersphere:

What do you think?