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Minnesota punter Peter Mortell signs with Green Bay Packers

Peter will compete for a spot on the team he's loved since childhood.

The man, the myth, the legend. Peter Mortell is headed back home to Green Bay, WI to pursue his NFL dreams. While this Vikings fan is saddened that he won't punt in purple it has to be a dream come true for a kid who grew up loving the Packers.

Cynical as I am and as big of a Vikes fan as I am, this is still a great story in the making and I'm excited for Pete!

If you'd asked me earlier this week I'd have told you Peter was going #1 to the Rams (and I wasn't alone). Jared Goff is a nice kid I'm sure, but he doesn't posses the multi-threat game that Peter does. Let's run down the list:

2015 Holder of the Year? CHECK.

Can defend stadium from drone attack via precision punting skills? CHECK.

Multi-year All-B1G Punter, including 2014 Punter of the Year? CHECK.

Olympic level arm curler? CHECK.

Superior mustache game? CHECK.

Peter Mortell Mustache

Twitter game on point? CHECK.

Completed 100% of his passes? CHECK.

(also, eat your heart out Jared Goff)

In summary, the Packers are getting a good one.

Peter is a seven tool punter and the Green Bay Packers are going to make the rest of the NFL look silly for not drafting him in the early rounds.

In all seriousness though, Peter is a great punter and an even better person. He'll be a fantastic teammate in the NFL and he'll be a great ambassador for the Packers and the league off the field (Pete knows philanthropy...seriously). He put Minnesota punting GIFs on the map and for that I can never repay him.