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Golden Nugz: A Little Optimism To Start Your Golden Morning

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I am an optimist and am starting to really look forward to next year's Gopher basketball season.  Nate Mason and Jordan Murphy are a solid duo.  Dupree McBrayer got me excited.  Lynch and Fitzgerald are going to add some pieces that were missing and Amir Coffey offers a promise of something special. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks we may have a big turnaround.

Jon Rothstein of lists the Gophers as one of five teams who are on the rise in college basketball.

This past year for the Gophers was one to forget.

Next season may be one to remember.

Despite an 8-23 record with only a pair of Big Ten wins, there's reason for optimism within Minnesota's program.

The Golden Gophers will add a Top-40 prospect in wing Amir Coffey as well as two transfers in Reggie Lynch (Illinois State) and Davonte Fitzgerald (Texas A&M), who could both find their way into the starting lineup.

I fully expect that Lynch is your starting center for the Gophers next year and either Coffey or Fitz are also starting (my money is on Coffey).  Two new starters and some quality off the bench to go with Mason, McBrayer and Murphy.  I like that a lot, at least a LOT more than what we saw this year.