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Minnesota Football Spring Game 2017: TV, Streaming, Open Thread

Finally, we get to watch Gopher Football again!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It's spring game time everyone! Consider this your open thread to talk about what we'll see today.

If you're not already at TCF, here's how you can watch the Spring Game live:

TV: Big Ten Network


Here's how the game will be run:

- The game is at 1pm CT, but the team will take the field at 12:45 for stretching, warmups, and quick drills.

- While this is the White/Gold scrimmage, the QB's will wear the Anthracite (gray) jerseys from rhe Michigan game last year.

- The game will consist of two 40-minute halves and a 10-minute halftime.

- A running clock will be used, except for the final five minutes of the second half.

- The game will use traditional scoring.

If you can't watch live, here's the replay schedule:


All Times ET

Sunday 4/10

12:30 AM

Sunday 4/10

10 PM

Monday 4/11

7:30 AM

Tuesday 4/12

12:30 AM

Tuesday 4/12

3 PM

Tuesday 4/12

10 PM

Thursday 4/14

8:30 AM