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Mark Coyle Press Conference: Recap and Reactions

Our initial reactions plus all the best moments of the presser captured via Twitter.

That was an excellent first press conference for Mark Coyle. He hit all the high notes you'd expect from a new hire (positive statements about what the department offers, sharing excitement to be there, etc), but the emotion he showed was clearly real and should endear all but the most cynical fans to the man immediately.

In terms of substance, he kept the details light. There were several attempts to get Mark to speak candidly about the basketball program and Coach Pitino, but he did a nice job deflecting those. He didn't say anything overly bombastic in my opinion, and acquitted himself well overall.

Both Kaler and Coyle said they hoped interim AD Beth Goetz stays at Minnesota to help Coyle continue the work she's already done. While I'm sure she will do so in the short term, you have to think she'll have her eye out for opportunities as a full AD. I wouldn't be surprised if Beth moved on within a year and I'll be very happy for her if she does. In the meantime, if she stays she should be an invaluable part of Coyle's team.

One big piece of news is that the U stepped up to the plate when it came to salary. Coyle will make $850,000 a year, which is double what Norwood Teague was making. President Kaler addressed this directly, saying he knows Minnesota hasn't always invested in the AD role (or athletics in general) and that he is committed to seeing the department succeed.

The other thing that was very clear is how unhappy Kaler is with the issues surrounding the men's basketball program. He mentioned his disappointment in the program early in his introduction and referenced how he viewed Coyle as someone who will being stability and accountability to Minnesota. Consider Pitino's seat very hot now.

In summary:

Your Twitter press conference recap