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Would you go see Minnesota vs. Northwestern at Wrigley field?

Northwestern's AD wants to play a Big Ten game at Wrigley and Minnesota is a potential opponent.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The first Northwestern game at Wrigley Field was...interesting. In case you've forgotten, Northwestern played Illinois at Wrigley Field on ESPN's "Rivalry Week". On the whole, I'd argue the game was a success for NU. They hosted Gameday, the Cubs painted the famous Wrigley Field sign purple, and it was a party atmosphere outside the stadium. But the game itself was marred by the fact that there was not enough space behind one end zone to safely play by traditional rules. Instead, both teams had to play towards the same end zone on offense.

I'm a sucker for unique experience based sporting events. While playing a sport in a stadium not designed for it has many drawbacks (sightlines/distance from the field being the biggest), I tend to overlook those because I am someone who likes going to the odd sporting event. I was disappointed when Northwestern wasn't able to pull off the game portion of the spectacle successfully, because even my unique event loving self can't deal with that big of a change. Afterwards I hoped that NU might take another shot at it.

You're probably wondering why you're 200 words into this story without me mentioning the Gophers. Fret not friend, I'm coming to the point. Per InsideNU, it sounds like Northwestern AD Jim Phillips isn't ready to give up on the idea of the Wrigley Field game just yet. And it sounds like Minnesota has a good chance to be the team playing the Wildcats in Wrigley if Phillips gets his way:

im Phillips is eager for Northwestern football to return to Wrigley Field. Phillips told the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein the following in an article published Thursday:

"We're anxious to get something done," he told the Tribune. "I'm close with those guys. I talk to (owner) Tom (Ricketts) all the time. Everyone is motivated to do it. It's really on their timeline."

Greenstein also paraphrased Phillips and wrote:

Phillips hopes that Northwestern can return to Wrigley in November of 2017.

In November 2017, Northwestern is scheduled to play Nebraska on the road, Purdue and Minnesota at home, and Illinois at Soldier Field.

Emphasis mine to identify the quote within a quote.

This brings me to my question of the day...

Would you want to watch Minnesota play Northwestern live at Wrigley Field?

We all know that the answer is yes for me. Without question, I would make the drive up to Chicago and if the hockey game at Soldier Field is any indication I'd happily come back poorer than intended. They only thing that would make me hesitate is if they haven't worked out the field dimension issue yet (note: I'm pretty sure the recent Wrigley remodel eliminated that problem). But what about you? Would this be worth the trip from wherever you live? Or would you rather watch it on TV?

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