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Dear Minnesota Football: Here's your winning helmet sticker design!

Who needs fancy design programs when you've got Microsoft Publisher and powers of Control+C?

On Monday we learned that Minnesota Football will start giving it's players helmet stickers this fall. Per Andy Greder of the PiPress, the design of the stickers will likely be gold bricks in keeping with the program's Brick by Brick mantra. Coach Claeys was clear that the stickers are intended to be small and not too obtrusive.

"If somebody is going to cover a big spot on their helmet, they are going to have to make a (heck) of a lot of plays because (the stickers) are not even an inch" in size, Claeys said.

Personally, I think that's a mistake and that the team is missing a golden opportunity.

I took it upon myself to craft a design that honors the wording (if not the spirit) of the Brick by Brick mantra while expanding beyond the size limitations placed by Claeys. I think these stickers are quite spiffy and I strongly urge Coach Claeys to consider this option...


Brick by Brick Tamland 01

NOTE: this is a rough rendering accomplished with the tools available to anyone with a Windows PC and a full suite of Microsoft Office products. I'm quite sure the talented folks on the U's publicity and marketing teams can make this into something much more professional.

The beauty of the Brick by Brick (Tamland) helmet sticker design is it's simplicity. The gold sticker looks really striking on the maroon helmet. Brick's face delivers a burst of raw emotion, befitting the effort expended by Minnesota players who earn the award. Not sold yet? Here's a close-up of the design:

Brick by Brick Tamland 02

With Minnesota players wearing these stickers, you know things will escalate quickly on gameday.

While I know that Minnesota doesn't have uniform tradition as deep as Michigan's, I can still appreciate that this might be too bold of a design for the more reserved among us. I didn't want the Brick by Brick (Tamland) stickers to be discarded simply because they are a little bold, so I also prepared this alternate option that incorporates a more literal and traditional flair:

Brick by Brick Tamland Meta

With luck, one of these two designs will grace Minnesota's helmets this fall.

You're welcome Gopher Football!