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Minnesota faces Florida State in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge? Yawn.

Consider us underwhelmed.

Minnesota will travel to Tallahassee to face Florida State in the first game of the 2016 ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

The appropriate reaction?

Cat Yawn

What an exciting matchup for Minnesota. Truly, Gopher fans everywhere should rejoice and sing songs about this day. We may never see a better ACC/Big Ten pairing in the history of this event.

/end sarcasm

Feel the excitement

Look, this matchup stinks. I'm not talking about in terms of basketball quality (though I'm not holding out huge hopes for that this will a fantastic game in those terms). I'm talking in terms of excitement levels. In terms of novelty. In terms of how much of a crap I'm supposed to give about this game.

After all, Minnesota just played Florida State in back to back ACC/B1G Challenges in 2013 and 2012. In fact, in the 18 year history of the event (I'm including 2016 in the count) Minnesota will have faced FSU 6 times. Minnesota plays FSU one third of the time in the Challenge. No wonder people are tired of this pairing.

To be clear, a considerable amount of the fault lies with Minnesota for not earning themselves a better opponent (the Challenge tries to keep the matchups based off previous year's performance as much as possible, TV considerations aside). That's not going to make me want to watch it any more though.

Who the Gophers should have played

Syracuse at Minnesota. Why? So Mark Coyle can walk out and do this:

What? You know it's the right choice. Since that didn't happen, let's see the actual lineup of games.

ACC/Big Ten Challenge Schedule

Mon, Nov 28
Minnesota at Florida State
Wake Forest at Northwestern
Tues, Nov 29
Syracuse at Wisconsin
Michigan State at Duke
Pittsburgh at Maryland
Iowa at Notre Dame
Georgia Tech at Penn State
NC State at Illinois

Wed, Nov 30
Purdue at Louisville
North Carolina at Indiana
Ohio State at Virginia
Virginia Tech at Michigan
Rutgers at Miami
Nebraska at Clemson

If you're like me, you are eagerly awaiting the chance to watch Rutgers at Miami.