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Announcing TDG's Twin Cities Food Bracket

Nominate all your favorite venues for the culinary madness!

We may be just under 100 days away from Minnesota vs. Oregon State, but I think we all know how long those 100 days can be. To mix things up a bit in days and weeks to come, TDG is creating our first Twin Cities Food Bracket!

We at The Daily Gopher feel the only true way to figure out the best food serving establishment in the Twin Cities is to take a page out of March Madness. That means brackets and regions and upsets. In order to create a bracket of the 64 best food joints in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all the surrounding cities we need your help!

What we need from you!

1) Nominate your favorite food venues in the comments below or on Twitter. If you use Twitter, please tweet at @TheDailyGopher and/or use the hashtag #TDGBracket. That way we won't miss any.

2) If possible, please comment/Tweet us reasons why you love the place. Who knows, you might even improve the seeding of your favorite spot!

That's it. That's all you have to do. If we get enough deserving entries we might have to have a First Four play-in round. It's all up to you!

The obligatory FAQ section

How many places can I nominate? You can nominate as many different venues as you'd like. Foodies of the Twin Cities rejoice!

What kind of places can I nominate? Your favorites. Dive bars, fancy restaurants, greasy spoons, corner cafes, gastropubs...if it serves food and you like it we want to hear about it.

What about food trucks? To be honest, I literally just thought about this possibility now because I'm a moron. Yes, you can nominate food trucks if you want to.

How are you handling regions? That's TBD right now. We have some ideas of how we'd like to create regions, but it's pretty dependent on what venues are nominated.

What about seeding? It's going to be more arbitrary than you'd like, someone's favorite place is going to get slighted, everything will be fine in the end.

Y U NO INCLUDE MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE BRACKET? Getting this out of the way early because we know we'll hear comments like this. It's because we're mean, power hungry, internet blog fiends who take pleasure in ruining the world with a silly bracket.

That's it! It's time to nominate! Go forth and give us a list of your favorite food venues ASAP!