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First Big Ten Football over-under line from Vegas sets Minnesota at 6 wins

Vegas Insider is out with their over/under for the upcoming Big Ten season.

The over/under lines for the upcoming college football season are finally starting to appear. In general these are meaningless (/waves to the betters out there who have reason disagree), but they make for easy off-season discussion because they're a fairly reasonable barometer of what a lot of conventional wisdom will say about the Big Ten season. That doesn't mean any of this one over/under line is correct or prophetic or anything. It just means I'm personally expecting to see preview magazines and other Vegas bookmakers come out with win predictions that are similar in nature.

Enough about why we sort of care about these numbers more than we should. What does the Vegas Insider over/under look like?

Vegas Insider OU 2016

On Minnesota

6 wins is right about where I expected the early lines would go. Vegas uses #MATHS to build their projections and then they tweek the outcome in an attempt to equalize betting on both sides. Given our performance last season, it was pretty much a given that any #MATHS weren't going to look fondly upon the Gophers. I'm not a betting man, but if were I'd take the over every day and feel ok about it (THIS IS NOT BETTING ADVICE. DO NOT COME LOOKING FOR ME IF WE SUCK AND YOU LOST YOUR MONEY).

How the divisions look

Based on the over/under, here's how the divisions would shake out:


Iowa, 8.5

Nebraska, 8.5

Wisconsin, 7

Northwestern, 6.5

Minnesota, 6

Illinois, 4.5

Purdue, 4.5


Michigan, 10

Ohio State, 9.5

Michigan State, 7.5

Penn State, 6.5

Indiana, 4.5

Maryland, 4.5

Rutgers, 4.5

Quick thoughts

- Looks like Vegas will probably be as high on Michigan as the early preview mags and CFB columnists are.

- Sorry Penn State, Vegas is with me on this one.


- I feel like Indiana might be a little low.

- Minnesota is seriously going to be better than 6 wins.

What do you all think?

Let the gnashing of teeth begin!