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Big Ten Thursday Night Football is the Jofferey Baratheon of television ideas.

This is an horrible idea that needs to die as soon as possible.

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Why is this even a thing we're talking about? A) Because it's a long offseason and B) because John Ourand of Sports Business Journal floated it as a possibility during Richard Deitsch's Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. Ourand's thinking was that this could become an option if Turner were to pick up some of the remaining Big Ten media rights (via Corn Nation):

So if not ESPN, who would it be? Ourand mentioned NBC as a candidate, with a couple of broadcast windows available on Saturdays, surrounding their package of Notre Dame home football games. He then mentioned Turner Sports, who would like to complement their NCAA basketball tournament coverage with some regular season college games.  He also mentioned the idea of a Thursday Night football package to lead into their Thursday night NBA package.

I want my stance on this to be clear.

Thursday Night Football is the Joffrey Baratheon of potential Big Ten media deals.

Sort of spoiler alert: I'm not really going to spoil anything you shouldn't have already picked up simply by being alive while Game of Thrones is on TV. If you haven't started watching or reading GoT you should really get on that.

Born from the incestuous union of the Big Ten and a television partner, B1G TNF would be an evil little s**t of a concept that flies in the face of tradition. It's existence will cause strife withing the 14 kingdoms of the Big Ten that will bleed out in battles on Twitter and in comment sections. If B1G TNF happens a lot of us will want it to die quickly and then have to learn to live with it in misery when it doesn't. And yes, in this metaphor Jim Delany is Tywin Lannister.

NOTE: Don't think about this whole thing too hard though or the cracks in the metaphor will start to show. Although I'd love to hear who everyone would see as the Tyrion of the Big Ten.

So yea, I'm not a fan of the idea. You really should read Corn Nation's post, as they lay out some logical reasons why this is a bad idea. I don't need logic. I have emotion. So I will simply share and co-sign this bit of Corn Nation commenting wisdom...

TNF comment

Your thoughts?