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Happy Memorial Day Everyone

Enjoy it, be safe, be happy.

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Happy Memorial Day everybody! I hope whatever you've got going is a lot of fun.

When it comes to sports and Memorial Day I'm not the right guy to talk. So I'm going to recommend everyone take a minute and read this excellent Memorial Day post Ted Glover (of Daily Norseman and OTE fame) wrote a couple of years ago. Here's an excerpt:

Anyway, in the midst of all that, troops will grasp at anything for a chance to feel normal, if only for a little while. Some guys read, some guys write, some listen to music, some play video games, or some combination. For me, it was the Ohio State-Michigan game in 2001. By the time The Game rolled around, we had been set up with satellite TV and phones, and life had settled into a weird routine. Fly missions one night, CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) strip alert the next, and then a night off, or mission planning for the next night's flight if there was something to do.

There were only a few people in the mess hall, and there wasn't a lot of trash talking, as I recall, as there were just a couple OSU and Michigan fans in there. I had an old OSU t-shirt I packed in my bag and had it on, and for three hours, I wasn't in that nasty shithole, getting shot at and mortared.

I was home.

Please give the rest a read.