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Big 10 Restaurant & Bar - TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket

Introducing the Campus #1 seed!

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Big 10 Restaurant & Bar - CAMPUS #1

Address: 606 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone: (612) 378-0467


Twitter: @thebigten

Facebook: Big 10 on Facebook

Yelp: Big 10 Yelp Rating = 4 Stars

Yelp Review:

The place to go on campus! Their food is consistently great, almost addictive and selection of beers on tap is changed often to keep things interesting. Of course, the personable and very efficient staff is the cherry on the cake.

Yes, I am a proud regular customer. For 16 years.

TDG Community Comment:

GoAUpher: Big 10 is part of my fall tradition. Whenever I can, I go with gopherguy05 to a hockey game on Friday night of a football weekend when I'm back in town. Our pregame meal is always a Big Ten sub and crisscut fries. Makes me feel at home every time I'm back.