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Mesa Pizza - TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket

Here's a look at Mesa Pizza, the #4 seed of the Campus Region!

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Mesa Pizza - Campus Region #4 Seed

Address: 1323 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone: (612) 436-3006


Twitter: @MesaPizza

Facebook: Mesa Pizza on FB

Yelp: 4 star Yelp rating

Yelp Review:

Dear Mesa Pizza,

You have helped me sober up, feel better during post-adolescent emo times, hide from creepers, run into awkward people, and just generally nourish my need for American soul food on so many occasions.

Your staff is always nice to me and more than willing to accommodate my pizza urges. Your unconventional toppings have never ceased to amaze me.

But more than this, Mesa, you are consistently delicious and unpretentious. You might be a college-kid heaven and full of every weird/bearded walk of life, but you don't care. You're just serving up some pizza and trying to keep the rabble to a minimum.

Even though you are pretty far from me now, I still plan on tipsily stumbling into you whenever I am in Dinkytown.

See you soon (I hope).