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Burrito Loco - TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket

Here's a look at Burrito Loco, the #14 seed of the Campus Region!

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Burrito Loco - Campus Region #14 Seed

Address: 418 13th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone: (612) 746-5626


Twitter: @BurritoLocoUofM

Facebook: Burrito Loco on FB

Yelp: 3 star Yelp rating

Yelp Review:

5 years later and I still have dreams of this place.

I lived off of their burritos when I was in college. It was a short drive from my college when they had their location in uptown.

It was so good that when family from out of town would come visit we would all hit up burrito loco for make ur own burritos and it would be enough food for even the largest of eaters.

For me 1 burrito would last two meals.

I wish they had chains!

I no longer live in the area and your Moe's or Chipolte are no way as good!