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Wally's Falafel & Hummus - TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket

Here's a look at Wally's, the #16 seed of the Campus Region!

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Wally's Falafel & Hummus - Campus Region #16 Seed

Address: 423 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone: (612) 746-4776


Twitter: @WallysFalafel

Facebook: Wally's on FB

Yelp: 4 star Yelp rating

Yelp Review:

Wally's has had my heart for over four years, thanks to the spicy chicken shawirma. Thank you for all the shawirmas. I am very happy to give you my money in exchange for one of the best foods in the Twin Cities!

Perfection is hard to describe. In the case of the chicken shawirma, I suggest consumption for a true understanding of why it's so perfect. The chicken is perfectly seasoned. The pita is soft. The garlic sauce, pickles, fries, and optional Sriracha harmonize.

I've tried a few other items, but nothing else has left me as speechless.

Parking in Dinkytown can be difficult, but the service and the chicken shawirma make the trip worthwhile. Go! Just make sure you save a shawirma for me.