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2017 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Declares Mitch Leidner A 1st Round Draft Pick

I'm sure there won't be any *on fire* reactions to this.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Leidner is a first round draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Don't blame me, that's the opinion of ESPN NFL talking head Todd McShay. No really, I'm serious. Todd McShay wrote a thing on the internet today that says Dallas should take Mitch Leidner at #25. He also says Mitch is a "late riser" like recent 1st round picks Blake Bortles and Carson Wentz.

Don't believe me and don't have an ESPN Insider account to read the whole thing? Give the prediction a look via the magic of Twitter:

Leidner. He's so hot right now.

Look. I'm not saying Todd is right. I love Mitch and am a proud member of #LeidnerIsland but I'm not going to step out on a limb and start talking first round draft pick right now. McShay clearly isn't 100% sold either, as he has given himself a key out to this prediction in Mitch's completion percentage. If Mitch becomes a more accurate passer (and most importantly, if he is more accurate against the best defenses he faces) then this won't seem as far-fetched. Until then, consider me happy to have him at QB and excited to see him improve further. I'm not going any further than that.