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Monday Morning Nugz: Congrats to Gopher Baseball, Phil Kessel and some Football Links

Brent Fields

Four Golden Gophers were drafted in the recent MLB Draft.

Dalton Sawyer went to Oakland in the 9th inning to extend the program's streak of having a pitcher drafted to 14 consecutive years.  Sawyer is a senior.  Jordan Jess, also a senior and the Gopher's top relief pitcher was taken by the Pirates in the 31st round. Team MVP and the Big Ten Player of the Year, Matt Fielder was also taken in the 9th by the St. Louis Cardinals.  He is a junior with a decision to make on whether to return for his senior season or take the paycheck to play in the Cardinal's organization.  And finally catcher, Austin Athmann was taken by Detroit in the 14th round.  Athmann is also a junior with a decision to make.

Overall this means that at worst, the Gopher program will only lose two players to the MLB before their eligibility is exhausted.  Jordan Smith, Torrin Vavra and Toby Anderson were a few names I was concerned would be drafted.

Eli Wilson, son of former Gopher Dan Wilson, was selected in the 37th round.  He is a Gopher commit and just finished up high school.  This legacy Gopher recruit will have a decision to make regarding his future, but being that he was a 37th round selection, I anticipate you'll see him at Siebert Field next year.