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Minnesota Baseball: I Hate Wake Forest...But Why?

Just look at that smug S.O.B.
Just look at that smug S.O.B.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We are Minnesota fans and we tend to operate better when we hate.  Iowa?  Hate.  Wisconsin? Hate.  Michigan? Hate.  And those are the games we tend to really get excited for. Those are the games we care about.  Ohio State? Nope...don't hate.  Want to win, get excited when we do but there's no hate.  Northwestern? Don't really hate them but those are games we could win and don't really care nearly as much.

Gopher Baseball is facing Wake Forest and apart from wanting to win and see how far the team can advance...I just cannot muster a ton of excitement or passion for the game.

So I'm making a decision.

I hate Wake Forest.

Now that I've decided to hate Wake Forest, I needed to find a reason (this is very much like a Reusse article where I come to a conclusion and then find supporting truthiness after the fact).  So I went to Google to help me find a good reason to hate.

Turns out we've never lost to them in Football.  One win in the only game ever played between the two schools, 1968.  So suck on that Deacs!  But considering we've never lost to them, kinda hard to hate them.

Basketball? Winning record there as well with a 4-3 record in 7 games.  The last meeting was 2014 on the road in the B1G/ACC Challenge.  So again, hard to hate when we beat them more than they beat us.

So those avenues were a no-go.  How about notable athletic alumni?

  • Tim Duncan? Sigh...I mean I've never been a huge fan but The Big Fundamental so boring it's impossible to hate really.
  • Muggsy Bouges?  GTFO, don't even bring him into this conversation.  Who could hate Muggsy?
  • Arnold Palmer? Again...GTFO!!  Now!

Anyone else I could hate?

Charlie Ergen - co-founder of DISH Network. I hate DISH, that's a fact.  But really kinda hard to hate an entire athletic department and university based on one guy building up a company like DISH (even if it is second rate).

The more I look, the more I dig for a reason to hate them the less I find and strangely...the more I hate them.  So that's it...

Fuck You Wake, for being so fucking boring.  Fuck you for oxy-moronic nickname.  I dislike you for having nothing to dislike.  That that's that.  I not only hope the Gophers beat you on Friday, but I get happiness from other's misery and I look forward to Binghampton knocking you out of the Tournament on Saturday.

Who's with me?