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Announcing the Gold Region of TDG's Twin Cities Food Bracket

Gold? Where in the Twin Cities is Gold?

Butcher and the Boar takes the top seed here
Butcher and the Boar takes the top seed here
Butcher and the Boar website

The third region we're ready to announce has a bit of a different name. Gold...where the hell is Gold?  Well, the honest answer is that we have two "western" brackets and west 1 and west 2 just sounded stupid. for now this and our next bracket will be the maroon and gold brackets.  Kind of eh, but it is what it is.  This is where you come in.  If you have wittier names for our last two brackets, let us know in the comments.  If they are good enough, they will replace maroon and gold when it comes time to vote. Otherwise, maroon and gold it is.

The gold bracket is one of two that are the western portion of the metro.  The majority are from Minneapolis, but you might see a few suburban ones thrown in.  Lots of good places in this bracket including a few high end places.  But high end doesn't always mean the best.  Here's a list of the matchups for the gold bracket:


#13 Restaurant Alma vs #20 Amazing Thailand
#14 World Street Kitchen vs #19 Fat Lorenzos
#15 Jax Cafe vs #18 Al Vento
# 16 The Rabbit Hole vs #17 Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit

#1 Butcher and the Boar vs. Rabbit Hole/Gastof

#2 Bar La Grassa vs. Jax Cafe/Al Vento

#3 Pig Ate My Pizza vs.  WSK/Fat Lorenzos

#4 112 Eatery vs.Restaurant Alma/Amazing Thailand

#5 Murray's vs. #12 Broder's Pasta Bar

6 Smack Shack vs. #11 Borough/Parlour

#7 Pizzaria Lola vs. #10 Travail Kitchen

#8 Manny's vs. #9 Spoon and Stable

Seeding was accomplished by a unnamed group within the TDG staff. Someone is going to hate it. Sorry.  (Not sorry....)

The last  bracket will be announced Monday with voting in the play-in games to begin on Tuesday.  So stay tuned and get ready to vote....finally.