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Announcing the Maroon Region of TDG's Twin Cities Food Bracket

Our fourth and final bracket is revealed

The last region is revealed!!
The last region is revealed!!

The fourth and final region we're ready to announce is of course the maroon region.  Its the second of our two western regions. We are still taking suggestions for better names, but if we don't get any, then maroon and gold it is.

The maroon bracket sees a spot from Edina sneak in, but otherwise the rest are all from Minneapolis.  Lots of good choices here, but more everyday restaurants rather than high end places.


#15 Be'wiched vs #18 Pepito's
# 16 Brit's Pub vs #17 Caffrey's

#1 Revival vs. Brits/Caffreys

#2 Matt's Bar vs. Be'wiched/Pepitos

#3 Surly Beer Hall vs. #14 Edina Grill

#4 Hell's Kitchen vs #13 Sea Salt

#5 Freehouse vs. #12 Monte Carlo

6 Hola Arepa vs. #11 Emily's Lebanese Deli

#7 5-8 Club vs. #10 George and the Dragon

#8 Anchor Fish and Chips vs. #9 Kramarczuk's

Seeding was accomplished by a unnamed group within the TDG staff. Someone is going to hate it. Sorry.  (Not sorry....)

Voting on the play-in games officially starts TOMORROW!!  I know FINALLY!!

So get ready to click your mouse off...