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TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket Play In: St. Paul Region, #16 Muffuletta Cafe vs. #17 Cafe Latte

farm to table vs great beverages and desserts to advance to the big bracket

We complete our  voting in our inaugural TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket with the 16 vs 17 matchup from the St. Paul Region. A reminder that the voting will run from 7am CT today (6/28) until 6:59am CT tomorrow (6/29). Whichever venue has the most votes when the polls close will advance. Good luck!

#16 Muffuletta Cafe


Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Why people love it:

We've been coming here for years and it's one of my favorite spots. Service is already great, food delicious, love the atmosphere - inside and outside. You can't go wrong with anything you order - both the specials and the regular menu items are all delicious.

Muffuletta Cafe
2260 Como Avenue, St. Paul


#17 Cafe Latte

cafe latte

How they got here?

Cafe  Latte  squeaked out a close one in the play-in round.

Yelp Rating 4  stars

Why people love it:

Caffe latte is hands down the best dessert place in the twin cities area! no matter how much I eat, i always have a room for their dessert. Everything is sooo great,

Cafe Latte

850 Grand Avenue, St. Paul