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TDG Food Bracket Play-In Rounds---VOTE NOW!!!

The polls are open in our ten opening play-in games

The time has finally arrived. Today is the day you can finally vote in the TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket! We begin today's voting with our ten play-in games, four each from the St. Paul and Gold regions, and two from the Maroon region.

The matchups are as follows:

Saint Paul Region:

#13 Moscow on the Hill vs #20 Khyber Pass Cafe ---- VOTE HERE
#14 Saint Dinette vs #19 Louisiana Cafe --- VOTE HERE
#15 Barrio vs #18 Good Day Cafe --- VOTE HERE
#16 Muffuletta Cafe vs #17 Cafe Latte --- VOTE HERE

Gold Region:

#13 Restaurant Alma vs #20 Amazing Thailand --- VOTE HERE
#14 World Street Kitchen vs #19 Fat Lorenzo's --- VOTE HERE
#15 Jax Cafe vs #18 Al Vento --- VOTE HERE
#16 The Rabbit Hole vs #17 Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit --- VOTE HERE

Maroon Region:

#15 Be'Wiched vs #18 Pepito's --- VOTE HERE
#16 Brit's Pub vs #17 Caffrey's --- VOTE HERE

The polls will be open until 6:59 AM Central Time on Wednesday June 29th.  Come back on Wednesday to see who advanced to the round of 64, and to vote in the first round of the Campus Region!!