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TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket: Play In Round Results

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Here are the venues that made the final field of 64!


Our first round of voting is in the books! Following 24 hours of voting, the Play-In round is complete and our 64 venue bracket has been determined. We'll have a post with the full bracket and the schedule for the rest of the voting rounds up later this afternoon, but in the meantime let's see who won their play-in matchups.

Saint Paul Region:

#13 Moscow on the Hill vs #20 Khyber Pass Cafe

In the closest margin of the STP region, Moscow on the Hill bested Khyber Pass Cafe. #13 Moscow will take on #4 Shamrock's in first round of the St. Paul Region.

#14 Saint Dinette vs #19 Louisiana Cafe

Saint Dinette advances after defeating Louisiana Cafe. #14 Saint Dinette faces #3 Red Cow in the first round of STP Region voting.

#15 Barrio vs #18 Good Day Cafe

Good Day Cafe rolls, beating Barrio by 28%. #15 Good Day squares off against #2 Blue Door Pub in the first round of St. Paul Region voting.

#16 Muffuletta Cafe vs #17 Cafe Latte

In the lone "upset" of the STP play-in matchups, Muffuletta falls to Cafe Late. The now #16 Cafe Latte will take on top seed Happy Gnome in the first round.

Gold Region:

#13 Restaurant Alma vs #20 Amazing Thailand

Restaurant Alma moves on after a dominant win over Amazing Thailand. The #13 seed will face #4 112 Eatery in the first round.

#14 World Street Kitchen vs #19 Fat Lorenzo's

Fat Lorenzo's upsets World Street Kitchen. This earns the now #14 seeded Lorenzo's the chance to face #3 seed Pig At My Pizza.

#15 Jax Cafe vs #18 Al Vento

Jax Cafe roared to a win over Al Vento. Their prize? Being matched against #2 Bar La Grassa in the first round.

#16 The Rabbit Hole vs #17 Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit

It's Gastof in a landslide. The now #16 Gafstof will will face #1 seed Butcher and the Boar in the Gold Region first round.

Maroon Region:

#15 Be'Wiched vs #18 Pepito's

Be'Witch wins over Pepito's and will take on #2 seed Matt's Bar in the first round of the Maroon Region.

#16 Brit's Pub vs #17 Caffrey's

Brit's Pub handily defeated Caffrey's. This earns them a face off against #1 seed Revival in the first round.

Congrats to all the venues that advanced and good luck to them in the next round!