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TDG Food Bracket: Campus - #2 Al's Breakfast vs. #15 Hong Kong Noodles

An icon takes on an Asian noodle house

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We continue our round of 64 voting in our inaugural TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket with the 2 vs 16 matchup from the Campus Region. A reminder that the voting will run from 7am CT today (6/30) until 6:59am CT  Saturday (7/2). Whichever venue has the most votes when the polls close will advance. Good luck!

#2 Al's Breakfast


Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Why people love it:

I am not exaggerating when I say that this was THE BEST breakfast I have ever had at a restaurant. My family and I waited in line for two hours to eat but it was worth it.


All in all, I wish I lived next door to Al's. I would definitely return and wait two hours to eat it all again. Make sure you bring someone who is patient and loves to talk to wait with you!!

Al's Breakfast
413 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis
(612) 331-9991


#15 Hong Kong Noodles

Yelp Rating 3.5 stars

Why people love it:

I am surprised it took me several years to finally write a review for Hong Kong Noodles. This is literally a "hole in the wall" Cantonese restaurant that offers authentic Heung Gong (Hong Kong) dishes that is packed with generous portions all under a college student budget. This restaurant is also literally right across the street from where my apartment is, so that is another plus!

Hong Kong Noodles

901 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis

(612) 379-9472