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TDG Food Bracket: Campus - #8 My Burger vs. #9 Stub & Herbs

Who will win the battle between Stadium Village neighbors?

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My Burger - Campus Region #8 Seed

Address: 213 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: (612) 345-4892


Twitter: @myburgerusa

Facebook: My Burger on FB

Yelp: 4 star Yelp review

Yelp Review:

What do I write about this place! The first time I tried their burger, I had "food orgasm". Their burgers are really good but what is more special is their cajun fries. That extra 50 or 95 cents (i forgot exactly) is so much worth to pay for. In addition to the food, their ambiance is trendy, colorful and feel-good kind. and the burgers are also very cheap.
I visit this place once a week to treat my taste-buds! Yummm. Keep up the good work!

TDG Community Comment:

My Burger – My favorite of the short-order burger places. Awesome fries.

- Dave MN


Stub & Herbs - Campus Region #9 Seed

Address: 227 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: (612) 379-0555


Twitter: @StubAndHerbs

Facebook: Stub & Herbs on FB

Yelp: 3.5 star Yelp rating

Yelp Review:

I love this place! The atmosphere is perfect for pre or post game beers and food.

Great beer selection and the food is fantastic!
This is a college bar. If you're expecting more than that, you may be disappointed. If you expect just that, you'll enjoy the hell out of this place!
I would highly recommend going if you haven't already.