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TDG Food Bracket St. Paul- #4 The Muddy Pig vs. #13 Moscow on the Hill

Beer vs Vodka!

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We finish up our round of 64 voting in our inaugural TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket with the 4 vs 13 matchup from the St. Paul Region. A reminder that the voting will run from 7am CT today (7/11) until 6:59am CT  Wednesday (7/13). Whichever venue has the most votes when the polls close will advance. Good luck!

#4 The Muddy Pig

Yelp Rating 4 stars

Why people love it:

Let's review the 2 reasons to go:  AMAZING beer selection, and UNIQUE food!  Yes, the tap beer changes regularly, the bartenders are great about tasters, and there's a selection for everybody (even the cider drinkers).

Now - the food.  NOT bar food!  No deep fryer (thus no fries, chicken fingers, or other greezy hot crap), No freezer (so no mystery items).  So, you get really good food that's fresh and tasty!

The Muddy Pig
162 Dale Street N, St. Paul


#13 Moscow on the Hill


How they got here?

Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Why people love it:

If it's authentic Russian cuisine you're craving, this place just can't be beat. There is a warm and cozy atmosphere to the place as soon as you walk in

Moscow on the Hill
371 Selby Avenue, St. Paul