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What was the greatest Gopher game you have ever seen in person?

Because we don't mind stealing content in the summer

Here is my pick...but lets hear yours...
Here is my pick...but lets hear yours...
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Because its the summer, and the content abyss (note Football SOON!!), and we aren't against stealing article ideas from other twin cities media sources to provide ourselves content, we have a fun question to ask today.  Getting the idea from Micheal Rand at the Star Tribune, he asked on twitter and wrote an article on the best game he and other Minnesota sports fans have ever seen in person.

So with that, we ask:  What was the best Gopher game you have ever seen in person?

I watched several of the what are sure to be top of the list games on tv (2002/03 Hockey NCAA title games Wheeler jersey pop,  FB wins at PSU/OSU under Mason, Rhys Lloyd's run for the Axe,  1997 run to the final four, etc)

I've been at several really good and memorable games (Final game at old Mariucci, Winning the Jug at Michigan in 2014, The near miss of winning the Jug at Michigan in 2004. Gopher Women's Hockey Title Semi and title game in 2015)

But here would be my top three Gopher games I've personally been in the stadium for:

Honorable Mention:

The Kessel Ear Cup Game

Yes, I was in the upper deck of the Kohl Center for this one, living it up as the boos came cascading down:

#3 Minnesota at Indiana 2013

The game where the Gophers looked to have it in hand, and then choked it away only to come back and get a huge TD from MAXXXXXXXX only to  watch the Hoosiers move down the field and appear to get ready to win the game before Indiana out-Gopher the Gophers in the end.

#2 Iowa at Minnesota 2010

2011 was pretty good too, but just the fact that it has been a long year, and you have Marqueis Gray taking over the game on the ground, along with the huge fumble recovery....this oe sticks out better to me.

#1 Minnesota at Nebraska 2014

From everything from getting 50 yard line seats outside the stadium just a few minutes before kickoff, to the middle-aged female Husker fan who kept giving me death stares during the review of the BBC strip, to the crazy nights of partying in Lincoln both the night before and that night, this game is #1 on my list for the most memorable Gopher game I have ever been to in person.

So now it's your turn.  Tell us your most memorable Gopher games you have been to in person in the comments. There is obviously no wrong answer to this question.  Lets see how many different games of different sports we can get.  And if you have a different memorable game other than a Gopher game, let us hear those too!