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TDG Food Bracket: St. Paul First Round Results

Here are the 8 venues who will be moving on!

We are through the first round of the TDG Food Bracket. Let's take a look at who won their matchups in the St. Paul Region!

#1 The Happy Gnome vs. #16 Cafe Latte

The Gopher Gnomes applaud your wisdom everyone.

#2 Blue Door Pub vs. #15 Good Day Cafe

Blue Door cruises.

#3 Red Cow vs. #14 Saint Dinette

St. Dinette put together an INSANE comeback run yesterday to win a matchup that had more total votes than the rest of the region combined. #socialmedia

#4 The Muddy Pig vs. #13 Moscow on the Hill

All hail the muddy victor!

#5 The Nook vs. #12 Shamrocks

The Nook wins handily.

#6 Cosetta's vs. #11 Heartland

Cosetta's moves on to the Second Round.

#7 Punch Pizza vs. #10 Brasa Rotisserie

Brasa wins the Grand Ave. battle.

#8 Strip Club vs. #9 Mancini's

All hail the history and tradition of Mancini's.

Updating the bracket...

Here are the St. Paul Region matchups for the Second Round, with voting taking place from 7am on 7/18 (Mon) until 7am on 7/20 (Sat):

#1 The Happy Gnome vs. #9 Mancini's

#2 Blue Door Pub vs. #10 Brasa

#4 Muddy Pig vs. #5 The Nook

#6 Cosetta's vs. #14 St. Dinette

Congratulations to all of the victorious venues!

Next up?

Get ready to vote for your favorites from the Campus and Maroon Regions, whose Second Round voting period starts Thursday at 7am CT and runs until Saturday at 7am CT.