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TDG Food Bracket: Gold - #9 Spoon and Stable #16 Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit

Who will continue their upset ways?

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We continue our round of 32 voting in our inaugural TDG Twin Cities Food Bracket with the 9 vs 16 matchup from the Gold Region. A reminder that the voting will run from 7am CT today (7/18) until 6:59am CT  Wednesday (7/20). Whichever venue has the most votes when the polls close will advance.

#9 Spoon and Stable

How they got here?

Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Why people love it:

This place is going on my list as one of the top places to eat in Minneapolis.It's located in North Loop. The food is amazing. I ate so well, that I didn't even finish the treat box at the end of the meal. Completely complimentary, and we still left some behind.

Spoon and Stable

211 N 1st St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

(612) 224-9850


#16 Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit


How they got here?

Yelp Rating 3.5 stars

Why people love it:

These folks know how to throw an Oktoberfest party! Great selection of traditional German beers and food.

Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit

2300 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis