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TDG Food Bracket: #1 The Happy Gnome vs. #9 Mancini's

It's the Gopher Gnomes' pick vs. an old school favorite.

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#1 The Happy Gnome

Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Why people love it:

I took a chance on this place on a business trip. I went mainly for the craft beer selection which was enormous. There is a casual outdoor patio in the back. Plenty of room at the bar to eat. Food was great as well. I ordered the Game Burger which was a blend of bison, elk, bacon and horseradish with grilled blue cheese onions on top.  It was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Name another place on the planet that serves this concoction. Excellent. Fries were good and I dipped them in the lingonberry aioli
Can't wait to get back here to try their duck burger and sample more local beer

The Happy Gnome
498 Selby Avenue, St. Paul


#9 Mancini's Char House

Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Why people love it:

What can I say. If you enjoy a comfortable well cooked meal in the Twin Cities this is the place. The steaks, chops, and local seafood is top drawer! And the chefs and wait staff are extremely attentive!

Mancini's Char House

531 West Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55102

651 224-7345 or 651 224-7346