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TDG Food Bracket: Gold and St. Paul Region Voting Post

Time to vote for your favorites!

We've reached the final 2 brackets in the Second Round of the TDG Food Bracket! Vote for your favorites in the Gold and St. Paul Regions from 7am CT today (7/18) until 7am CT Wednesday (7/20).

Gold Region Round 2 Matchups:

#9 Spoon and Stable #16 Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit --- VOTE HERE!

#10 Travail Kitchen vs #15 Jax Cafe --- VOTE HERE!

#6 Smack Shack vs #14 Fat Lorenzo's --- VOTE HERE!

#12 Broder's Pasta Bar vs #13 Restaurant Alma --- VOTE HERE!

St. Paul Region Round 2 Matchups:

#1 The Happy Gnome vs. #9 Mancini's --- VOTE HERE!

#2 Blue Door Pub vs. #10 Brasa --- VOTE HERE!

#4 Muddy Pig vs. #5 The Nook --- VOTE HERE!

#6 Cosetta's vs. #14 Saint Dinette --- VOTE HERE!

We'll post a round up of the winners on Wednesday.

Go vote for your favorites!