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TDG Food Bracket: Campus - Round 1 Results

Here are the eight Campus Region venues that will move on to the Second Round!

We've completed the voting for the first of our 4 regions. You've spoken and we now know the 8 University of Minnesota area food venues that are headed to the Second Round.

#1 Big 10 Restaurant vs. #16 Wally's Falafel and Hummus

Big 10 lived up to it's billing as the Campus Region's #1 seed, cruising to an easy victory over Wally's.

#2 Al's Breakfast vs. #15 Hong Kong Noodle

Al's wins in a landslide.

#3 Republic vs. #14 Burrito Loco

WOW. This was probably the most interesting matchup of the first round. Both Republic and Burrito Loco led multiple times as the voting went back and forth. Even Republic didn't know what to do:

In the end though #3 Republic advances by a 2 VOTE MARGIN.

#4 Mesa Pizza vs. #13 Annie's Parlour

We've got our first upset! Annie's stormed out to an early lead in the voting and never relinquished it.

#5 Town Hall Brewery vs. #12 Bun Mi

Much like the Republic/BLoco matchup, this was back and forth for a while. But yesterday Town Hall took the lead and held it. I expect this outcome will cause the most grumbling as the TDG community loves it some Bun Mi.

#6 Bona vs. #11 Manning's Cafe

And we've got our second upset of the Campus Region, as Manning's defeated Bona.

#7 Wienery vs. #10 Vescio's

The delicious hole in the wall with a cult following survived a stiff challenge from the Dinkytown standard, as the Wienery moves on to the second round.

#8 My Burger vs. #9 Stub & Herbs

The seeding might have put these Dinkytown neighbors close in the bracket, but once the voting started it was all Stub & Herbs. A dominant victory for the Stadium Village classic.

Updating the bracket...

Here's what the Campus Region looks like now:

2016 Campus Region Rd 2

Here are the Campus Region matchups for the Second Round, with voting taking place from 7am on 7/14 (Thu) until 7am on 7/16 (Sat):

#1 Big Ten Restaurant vs. #9 Stub & Herbs

#2 Al's Breakfast vs. #7 Wienery

#3 Republic vs. #11 Manning's Cafe

#5 Town Hall Brewery vs. #13 Annie's Parlour

Congratulations to all of the victorious venues!

Next up?

Get ready to vote for your favorites from the Maroon Region, whose voting period starts Monday at 7am CT and runs until Wednesday at 7am CT.