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TDG Food Bracket: Campus and Maroon Sweet Sixteen Results

Here are the first 4 venues in the Elite Eight!

Apologies for the delayed results. Weekend gonna weekend sometimes.

Campus Region

#1 Big 10 vs. #13 Annie's Parlour

Big 10 is looking tough y'all.

#2 Al's Breakfast vs. #3 Republic

The venerable Dinkytown icon has fallen to the younger challenger.

Maroon Region

#1 Revival vs. #13 Sea Salt

A big Sweet 16 upset shakes up the bracket.

#3 Surly Beer Hall vs. #10 George and the Dragon

Don't sleep on GATD. I could see them making the Final Four.

Updating the bracket...

2016 Campus Maroon Elite 8

Here are the Elite Eight matchups for the Campus and Maroon Regions, with voting taking place from 7am on 7/28 (Thurs) until 7am on 7/30 (Sat):


#1 Big 10 vs. #3 Republic


#10 George and the Dragon vs. #13 Sea Salt

Congratulations to the victorious venues!

Next up?

The second half of the Sweet Sixteen for the Gold and St. Paul Regions (which kicked off earlier today). Votingi s open from today at 7am CT and runs until Wednesday at 7am CT.