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Maryland-Rutgers Trophy Is A Bad Idea, My Column


Dear Maryland and Rutgers fans and decision makers,

I read something disturbing today at Testudo Times that made me shudder:

Maryland football and Rutgers have had “preliminary discussions” about creating a rivalry trophy for the annual game between the teams, Rutgers athletic director Pat Hobbs and head coach Chris Ash told NJ Advance Media.

TT is clear to note that this is all very preliminary but there is only one reasonable course of action.



Look, I know to you I’m just a guy who writes about a team that plays in South Canada. But as a Minnesota fan I’ve seen firsthand what happens when schools force trophy games. Behold, the Balsa Wood Bell of Triumph Governor’s Victory Bell!

Don’t let yourself be stuck with a trophy you have to feign indifference for. When rivalries and trophy games get forced the outcome is always bland, uninspiring, and often gets a sponsor attached to it for no good reason.

Let it happen naturally. Lose a random piece of equipment when you next play on the road. Have your mascots make silly bets for things on Twitter. Steal the Illibuck Trophy and rename it since no one really understands why Illinois and Ohio State ever played for a turtle in the first place and OSU won’t miss it it anyway. But don’t force it. Because if you do, I can assure you the outcome is going to look as bad or worse than this:

Stay B1G,

Your friends at The Daily Gopher