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Minnesota Football: What Gopher will become a household name?

Which Gopher is going to make himself know to CFB fans across the land in 2016?

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Central Michigan vs Minnesota Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of the offseason, I’m going to take some inspiration from this tweet from Pro Football Focus College and turn it into a post.

What Minnesota Football player will be a household name after this season?

Note that I tried to leave “up and coming” out of it since I didn’t want to define that concept. Personally I’d skip by Mitch and a few other Gophers who I think are pretty well known, but everyone is free to suggest whoever they want.

My answer? Shannon Brooks, because I running back is a position that gets noticed and Brooks has the ability to reel off some highlight moments.

Who is your pick for a new household name?

Share your selection in the comments!