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Top 50 Things To Blame Mitch Leidner For


Is He To Blame?
Is He To Blame?
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Leidner. There hasn’t been a player this divisive among the fan base since, well, Adam Weber. Like Weber, Leidner will finish his Gopher playing career at or near the top of every QB statistical category in program history. Also, barring a complete meltdown this season, Leidner will finish with a .500 or better record as QB, which is saying something for this program. Yet, it has been repeatedly pointed out that Mitch Leidner is to blame for all of the Gophers woes and is responsible for them not taking the "next step". This got me wondering what else Leidner may be responsible for. So this off-season I took a page out of Hipster Gopher’s playbook and spent countless hours in the library researching. The findings were fascinating! In some cases the history books have been completely wrong. Below are the top 50 things I found in my research to #BlameLeidner for.

1. Little known fact, the Titanic didn't sink from striking an iceberg, #BlameLeidner for sinking the Titanic with an errant pass.

2. #BlameLeidner for the Zika virus.

3 #BlameLeidner for getting people drunk and bailing on the bill.

4. #BlameLeidner for the corruption in FIFA.

5. #BlameLeidner for Nickleback.

6. #BlameLeidner for too-big-to-fail banks.

7. #BlameLeidner for wanting you to upgrade to Windows 10.

8. #BlameLeidner for the 2003 power outage.

9. #BlameLeidner for the Apollo 13 fiasco.

10. #BlameLeidner for Hurricane Katrina.

11. #BlameLeidner for being targeted not targeted against OSU last season.

12. #BlameLeidner for the sack of Constantinople during the 4th Crusade.

13. #BlameLeidner for 41-0.

14. #BlameLeidner for The Godfather Part III.

15. #BlameLeidner for Target Field being built on lies.

16. #BlameLeidner for all of the Transformer movies.

17. #BlameLeidner for trust fund/inheritance babies.

18. #BlameLeidner for the Wild being named the Wild.

19. #BlameLeidner for tweeting when you're supposed to be working.

20. #BlameLeidner for Turkey's coup failing.

21. #BlameLeidner for getting rid of Oreo Os cereal.

22. #BlameLeidner for long lines at Al's Breakfast.

23. #BlameLeidner for my cell phone dying.

24. #BlameLeidner for the Timberwolves' incompetence.

25. #BlameLeidner for the 2016 Presidential election.

26. #BlameLeidner for Brendan Fraser's mysterious disappearance.

27. #BlameLeidner for failure of the Grand Fleet to achieve decisive victory at the Battle of Jutland due to Admiral Leidner's poor communication plan (otherwise known as the Michigan Halloween game).

28. #BlameLeidner for Pokemon Go.

29. #BlameLeidner for being the gunman on the grassy knoll.

30. #BlameLeidner for the Twins supposed problem of not spending money.

31. #BlameLeidner for Gary Anderson's missed field goal.

32. #BlameLeidner for Denny deciding to take a knee.

33. #BlameLeidner for Yoko Ono breaking up the Beatles.

34. #BlameLeidner for the bubble.

35. #BlameLeidner for the housing collapse.

36. #BlameLeidner for Tim Brewster.

37. #BlameLeidner for being the sole reason the Gophers haven't won a B1G Title since 1967.

38. #BlameLeidner for the Gophers Metrodome years.

39. #BlameLeidner for overpopulation.

40. #BlameLeidner for mosquitoes.

41. #BlameLeidner for actually being the first one to shoot between Han Solo and Greedo.

42. #BlameLeidner for Gary Cherone replacing Sammy Hagar in Van Halen, I mean, for Sammy Hagar replacing David Lee Roth in Van Halen. Oh never mind.

43. #BlameLeidner for the Kardashians.

44. #BlameLeidner for the defensive line starting an 8th string walk-on against Wisconsin last season.

45. #BlameLeidner for ordering the charge of the light brigade.

46. #BlameLeidner for the dinosaur extinction.

47. #BlameLeidner for the new UND nickname and logo. Wait, I'm ok with him screwing this one up.

48. #BlameLeidner for Pauly Shore.

49. #BlameLeidner for being Al Capone's accountant and forgetting to pay Al's taxes.

50. #BlameLeidner for the Y2K scare.

There you have it, Mitch Leidner truly is to blame for a lot of the worlds problems. I'm sure there are plenty more that I wasn't able to uncover. What else do you think we can #BlameLeidner for?