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TDG Food Bracket: Maroon Region Round 1 Voting

Voting for the second of our regional rounds is now open!

Welcome to the second bracket in our round of 64 friends! Next up in the voting is the Maroon Region. Before we view the matchups, a quick reminder that voting for the Campus Region is open from 7am CT today (7/4) until 7am CT Wednesday (7/6). The full TDG Food Bracket and answers to some common questions can be found here.

Maroon Region Round 1 Matchups:

#1 Revival vs. #16 Brit's Pub --- VOTE HERE!

#2 Matt's Bar vs. #15 Be'Wiched --- VOTE HERE!

#3 Surly Beer Hall vs. #14 Edina Grill --- VOTE HERE!

#4 Hell's Kitchen vs. #13 Sea Salt Eatery --- VOTE HERE!

#5 The Freehouse vs. #12 Monte Carlo --- VOTE HERE!

#6 Hola Arepa vs. #11 Emily's Lebanese Deli --- VOTE HERE!

#7 5-8 Club vs. #10 George and the Dragon --- VOTE HERE!

#8 Anchor Fish and Chips vs. #9 Kramarczuk's --- VOTE HERE!

We'll post a round up of the winners on Wednesday.

Go vote for your favorites!