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TDG Food Bracket: Maroon Region Round 1 Voting Results

Here are the 8 venues that are advancing to the Second Round of the Maroon Region!

We've completed the voting for the second of our 4 regions. You've spoken and we now know the 8 Maroon Region food venues that are headed to the Second Round.

#1 Revival vs. #16 Brit's Pub

Revival wins a traditional 1 vs 16 game, pulling away late to cruise to victory.

#2 Matt's Bar vs. #15 Be'Wiched

You thought Republic and BLoco was a close contest? Matt's one ups them with a 1 VOTE WIN.

#3 Surly Beer Hall vs. #14 Edina Grill

People love them some Surly!

#4 Hell's Kitchen vs. #13 Sea Salt

I guess breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day when it comes to a food bracket as Hell's Kitchen becomes the second straight #4 seed to fall to the #13.

#5 The Freehouse vs. #12 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo pulls off the first traditional 12 over 5 upset of the bracket, upsetting The Freehouse.

#6 Hola Arepa vs. #11 Emily's Lebanese Deli

Hola Arepa cruises past Emily's to advance to the Second Round.

#7 5-8 Club vs. #10 George and the Dragon

5-8's Lucy/Sally burger combo was not enough to withstand the power of the Dragon.

#8 Anchor Fish and Chips vs. #9 Kramarczuk's

Sausage defeats fish & chips!

Updating the bracket...

Here's what the Maroon Region looks like now:

Maroon Region Second Round

Here are the Maroon Region matchups for the Second Round, with voting taking place from 7am on 7/14 (Thu) until 7am on 7/16 (Sat):

#1 Revival vs. #9 Kramarczuk's

#2 Matt's Bar vs. #10 George and the Dragon

#3 Surly Beer Hall vs. #6 Hola Arepa

#12 Monte Carlo vs. #13 Sea Salt

Congratulations to all of the victorious venues!

Next up?

Get ready to vote for your favorites from the Gold Region, whose voting period starts Thursday at 7am CT and runs until Saturday at 7am CT.