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TDG Food Bracket: Gold Region Voting Results for First Round

Here are the 8 victorious venues who are moving on to the Second Round!

I'm speechless. Only one higher seed (#6 Smack Shack) advanced. Truly this is the Upset Region and it is a feat that I'm not sure we'll see duplicated in future years. Just crazy stuff here.

#1 vs. #16

I think the people voting forgot the amount of delicious bourbon that BatB has to go with their fine food, but I digress. Gastof's pulls of the HUGE upset by 1 vote.

#2 vs. #15

It's Jax Cafe moving on to Round 2!

#3 vs. #14

CRAZY amount of votes in this one, and the winner by more than a couple hundred is Fat Lorenzo's! Also, hat tip to whoever is running social media for PAMP and Lorenzo's.

#4 vs. #13

Restaurant Alma is now two for two.

#5 vs. #12

Broder's moves on with a big win over Murray's.

#6 vs. #11

Smack Shack refused to make this a clean upset sweep. This was another matchup that had insane voting totals going on.

#7 vs. #10

Travail is bringing its unique experience to the second round.

#8 vs. #9

Spoon & Stable completes the Minneapolis Steakhouse Sweep for the round.

Updating the bracket...

Here's what the Gold Bracket looks like after all the upsets:

2016 Gold Rd 2

Here are the Gold Region matchups for the Second Round, with voting taking place from 7am on 7/18 (Mon) until 7am on 7/20 (Sat):

#6 Smack Shack vs. #14 Fat Lorenzo's

#9 Spoon & Stable vs. #16 Gastof's

#10 Travail Kitchen vs. #15 Jax Cafe

#12 Broder's Pasta Bar vs. #13 Restaurant Alma

Congratulations to all of the victorious venues!

Next up?

Get ready to vote for your favorites from the St. Paul Region, whose voting period starts Monday at 7am CT and runs until Wednesday at 7am CT.