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TDG Food Bracket: Elite Eight Voting Results

Despite some shenanigans, the voting continues.

There were some voting...things...that happened in the latest round. We'll talk more about them below. Here are the results from the Elite Eight.

Campus Region

#1 Big 10 Restaurant vs. #3 Republic

Subs and crisscut fries to the Final Four.

Maroon Region

#10 George and the Dragon vs. #13 Sea Salt

GatD is charging hard into the Final Four.

Gold Region

#13 Restaurant Alma vs. Fat Lorenzo's

Lorenzo'sin the Final Four y'all.

St. Paul Region

#1 The Happy Gnome vs. #14 Saint Dinette

Ok, let's be honest. As much as I'd love to say we saw traffic that represents the voting in this matchup we did not collect ALL OF THE HITS. Which means bots. For a contest run to give us some summer #content and something to do/talk about this was an annoying appearance. Since the internet is what it is though we probably shouldn't be surprised. To be clear, we don't think the venues did anything here (our guess is overly invested fans of both Happy Gnome and Saint Dinette got their bot on) but the vote to traffic numbers definitely don't jive.

Since there are no prizes to award, bragging rights here are minimal, and we have fall camp to worry about later this week we're going to continue with the bracket while looking for free options to try and eliminate some of this nonsense. If this bothers you, I understand but we're a sports blog first and FOOTBAWWWW is here. We may not succeed with stopping the bots in any case and as a result I wouldn't get too worked up over it. Voting on the Final Four will be delayed briefly as we work on it.

It should be noted that the Gopher Gnomes have their underpants stealing cousins on the case. If you launched the bots, you best protect your drawers.

Updating the bracket...

2016 Food Bracket Final Four Corrected

Here are the Final Four matchups:

Big 10 Restaurant vs. George and the Dragon

Fat Lorenzo's vs. Saint Dinette